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the blue between


'Timing is everything, they say. And even when you think you're running away from something, you're still running towards something. It's just a matter of how long it takes for two, or more, worlds to collide.'



On holiday in South Africa in 1999, Sebastian, a 12-year-old child of divorce, meets Andricia, a mystery teenager with a newly broken heart. She takes a picture of the serious young boy with her Polaroid; he retains a vivid snapshot of the girl on the swing in his mind’s eye into adulthood.


Twelve years later in London, Sebastian is a man who lives with a strong sense of yearning and nostalgia. His heart lives outside of him, wandering in search of the girl he once met. He has dreamt up scenarios of reuniting with the long-lost love of his childhood for years, much to his brother Ethan’s playful scorn. In this state of waiting for love, he develops a love of literature – as well as a serious case of writer’s block. Will he find his muse to help him open his heart, and let the words flow on the page?


The Blue Between is about the fleeting meeting with a soul mate, and the search for The One in a swirling sea of ship-wrecked souls. It is about destiny and fate, the weight of family secrets and silences, the tussle of heart and mind. Ultimately, it is about how even a love that seems so wrong, can turn out to be right − the best form of therapy.

The Blue Between is my debut novel and is available on

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