Born and raised in South Africa, with a short stint in London and the last eight years in Tokyo, I have spent nearly two decades nurturing my passion for creativity and all things media. 


From being a below-the-line copywriter for a CRM agency to chief copy editor of Marie Claire magazine SA, managing editor of Rolling Stone magazine SA, editor of Time Out Tokyo and, most recently, editorial director of Engawa – which includes being editor in chief of Tokyo Weekender – my varied portfolio spans print, digital, content marketing, social media direction, and client and project management.


When I'm not spinning a press release into engaging copy, or digging deep into an investigative feature piece (or simply writing about Japan's latest food fads and travel hotspots), I also host occasional writing workshops and pen novels (first one down, second one in the works).


And when I'm not tapping away on the keyboard? I'm reading, dancing, piano playing, art admiring, cacao dessert making – and dreaming of Cape Town's white-sand beaches.

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