My editorial writing spans a range of lifestyle topics including culture, art, interviews and profile pieces, investigative features, food reviews and roundups, travel, experiences, tips and more.

I have worked for magazines including Men's Health, Marie Claire, Rolling Stone and Time Out Tokyo. My most recent role as editorial director of Engawa, from 2016 to 2020, included being editor in chief of Tokyo Weekender. Browse the monthly magazine via the online archives and visit the website at

Below is a curated selection of my published work.

TW Mag: An Ainu Story

Tokyo Weekender:

Tokyo Weekender: City of Junctures

Tokyo Weekender: Sankaijuku

Tokyo Weekender: Day in the Life

Tokyo Weekender: Boys for Sale

Tokyo Weekender: 48 Hours in Saga

Tokyo Weekender mag: A Conversation

Index on Censorship

Tokyo Weekender mag: Sexism in the C

Time Out New York: Japanese ceramics

Time Out Tokyo: Zaha Hadid stadium

Marie Claire: Japan sex culture

Time Out Tokyo: Cabaret Pubs

Time Out Tokyo: Snack Bars

Marie Claire: Tokyo Travel Story

Marie Claire: Missed Connections

Time Out Tokyo: Best beach getaway

Edgars Club: Tokyo Fashion Column

Marie Claire: International Report

Marie Claire: International Report

Marie Claire: Paris Jackson

Marie Claire: Italy Travel Story

Marie Claire: Kenya Travel Story

Marie Claire: First Person Account

Marie Claire: The Uniform Project

Marie Claire: Debate Column

Rolling Stone: Fashion & Interview

Rolling Stone: Ard Matthews Q&A

Rolling Stone: Two Door Cinema Club

Rolling Stone: JBay Festival Review

Rolling Stone: Song Review

Val de Vie Digimag: Brad Pitt Design

Val de Vie Digimag: Lust List

Marie Claire: Roberto Cavalli

Marie Claire: Hong Kong Travel Story

Marie Claire: Monthly Health Page

Cosmopolitan: Winter Weight Myths

Edgars Club: Column

Marie Claire: Thierry Mugler Life

Marie Claire: Frida Kahlo Life Story

Cosmo: Dream Wardrobe

Shape: Health Flash

Men's Health: Relationships

Men's Health: Girltalk Column

Balanced Life: Freedom Fighters

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Men's Health: Girltalk Column

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